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Candles With Bling

In 2016 I had the opportunity to create a custom eCommerce website for my wife, who was an independent sales rep for a company called Jewelry Candles. She wanted a website better than the template website provided by her supplier and asked me if I would create her a custom website which she could send her clients to order online. I saw this as an opportunity to create a website which was unrestricted by time or financial constraints that most clients have, and set out to create something spectacular.

I created this website on the material design bootstrap framework on top of the .Net framework with MS SQL database support. The home page features a slider call to action to feature new products, holidays, sales, etc., followed by the featured products section, gift card promotion, newly added items, testimonials slider, and then the newsletter signup and recent blog articles section.

The site features a mega menu for navigation, which pulls three random products from the navigation category and features them in the navigation drop-down with links to the other pages for the selection. I used ASP.Net listview controls and SQL queries to pull the featured and newest product information as well as the recent blog article section. The newsletter signup section subscribes the user to a SQL database which is used for newsletter distribution.

The about page is self-explanatory and features information about the owner and their mission. The product category pages use ASP.Net listview controls and paging controls to display twelve products per page. The product information page pulls the information about the product from the SQL database and provides options for product selection and quantity.

Using an ASP.Net listview and SQL queries, a related products section shows at the bottom of the page with three random products from the same parent category of the product being viewed. The add to cart button uses an AJAX update panel control to add the item to the users cart without reloading the page, and provides a notification in the top right corner that the item was added. I created a custom wishlist function which allows a user to make their product selections and then add it to their wishlist, which can be accessed from their account with a direct add to cart function.

The website search function uses fulltext queries against the SQL database and searches both products and the blog for the search terms provided and supplies a search results page split into two parts, one for matching products and one for matching blog articles.

I created a custom shopping cart which shows the products added to the cart, with a thumbnail image, the options selected for each product, quantity added, and provided for increasing/decreasing quantity from within the cart, deleting from cart or clearing the cart in total. The cart then provides the subtotal, shipping costs and total cart cost. Taxes are calculated when a shipping destination is chosen, and added to the balance before completing the checkout process though PayPal.

In the my account section the user can view their previous orders, wishlists, manage their address book, personal information and manage their subscription to the newsletter as well as change their password or close their account.

This was an intensive development project which took about five months to complete working in my spare time. The entire system, including the shopping cart, eCommerce management system and blogging platform was custom developed for this project.

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