Web Development

Page Construction, Inc. ~ 2018

In 2018 the decision was made to convert Page Construction, Inc.’s website to a WordPress website in an attempt to make such tasks as blogging and website management easier for the company administrators. Using the power of the Divi WordPress theme and builder I was able to take the original design of the website I created in 2016 and reproduce it in a new WordPress theme.

All of the original pages and features were ported over and converted to WordPress with the exception of the estimate request and specials pages. The estimate request function was rolled up into the contact form, prompting users to contact the company to discuss their project for a quote better reflecting their needs.

The only major design change with this website was the decision to make the site full screen rather than in a boxed layout.

Full details about the original website created in 2016 can be found here: Page Construction Website – 2016

The elements original created in .Net have been replaced with such things as the WordPress default Projects feature, allowing for easy management of projects on the website, and in conjunction with the Divi builder the client can customize each project entry to their liking, adding features as needed for projects on an individual basis.

The custom blog platform created in 2016 was obviously replaced by WordPress, which introduced more control over the content and formatting than a simple blog feature on the .Net website.

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