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A technology services client approached me about creating a logo for his gun and ammo store, which he was getting ready to launch online through one of the eCommerce aggrigrate services catering to that industry. He has another business which he had a previous logo created for, and wanted to pull the eagle element from that logo and have it used in the logo for his gun shop. Upon receiving the logo in question I find out it was literally a picture of a carved wood sign, which then had the eagle element included. As you can see from the photo below, I had my work cut out for seperating the eagle element from the original “logo”.

Using Photoshop I was able to remove the eagle element and then save it and import it into a new project for the creation of the new logo. Using an appropriate font type I created the logo for the new online gun shop in two varients, black text and white text and provided to the client in multiple sizes and file types for use in print or online media.

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