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In 2013 I was approached by a private real estate company in Bellevue, WA to integrate a custom blogging solution into their existing website. The owner of the company had developed the website personally as a static HTML website, and needed a custom developed solution to integrate with the website. Not interested in having their entire website redeveloped for WordPress or another CMS platform, I set to work integrating a custom built blog platform developed on the .Net platform in C# and powered by MS SQL database.

Using the then current design template I created new pages for the blog roll, which included a paging blog summary which returned five results per page, a trending articles section and a newsletter signup form. 

I integrated a commenting platform for the blog, and in an attempt to limit spam comments from bots, I created a custom captcha system which used a series of images with numeric values, and the system would check the input from the user to verify that the numbers input matched the file name of the provided captcha image. 

To facilitate the trending articles functions, I coded the blog article page to increase a hit counter on the database record for the article accessed each time the article was accessed. The trending articles section would list the articles in desending order based on the amount of views each article had recorded.

To manage the blog articles, categories and comments, I created a custom admin dashboard for the client, allowing them full control over the blog and the comments submitted from users. 

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